Classic Mini Cabrio upper door seal/capping:-

A part that is no longer available! 3D printed in a highly stable industrial resin. (part numbers: CFE101560PMA, CFE101570PMA)

Water proof high power Ignition coil driver module:-

Custom designed and built ignition coil drivers for use on a 1980s race motorcycle running modern ignition coils, The lack of body work on the motorcycle meant they needed to be fully waterproof and heat resistant as they are mounded above the air cooled engine.

Compressor pump back plate:-

A quick little project to get a diesel workshop heater back up and running! The original back plate which housed a foam filter and mixture control screws had cracked, this was quickly drew up remotely from basic measurements and photos before being printed on a FDM printer in ABS.

carburettor velocity stacks:-

Various velocity stack designs FDM printed for dyno testing a race motorcycle engine.

Italian traffic light “up-cycle”:-

A large and very weathered Italian traffic light, converted to run LED for lighting and programmed a micro controller for light sequence timing, running at a safe low voltage, very energy efficient! The traffic light will be fitted into a car show room/museum.